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Achieving dreams requires ACTION. The link between thought and action is CONFIDENCE. Whether it's to make more money, achieve fulfilling relationships, start & scale that business, heal, or to live in the present moment. 

Sometimes you just need someone to show you the way out.

If you feel lost and confused in your present and about future plans in life, you’ve come to the right place. Hear me out.

Are you an achiever and capable individual who isn’t living up to their full potential? Do you know you could do MORE and be BETTER but are looped into the same cycles? Same outcomes? Something is missing?

You know there is more to your life but you deal with FEAR of taking action? There’s someone stopping you. Your family, friends, society, maybe YOURSELF?

Sound familiar?

I was there too…I chose to compromise my own happiness for the happiness of others. I doubted myself and was stuck in a boxed ideology of life due to my limiting beliefs. I was stuck in the shackles of my past and shackles of my surroundings.

You might be living in constant internal conflict.

On one side, you pursued the path you once thought was good for you and stuck to it (yay safe choice), but on the other, you feel like you’re betraying yourself and are stuck.

A description of alignment goes as follows. “Living in alignment is when you say what you think and do what you say.” Are you living an aligned life?

The truth is most people are not living in alignment. Very few people ever stop and ask themselves “What do I want? Truly.”

It took me much of my life to truly understand and listen to the part of me that felt I needed to do something different.

It doesn’t need to be the same for you!

A journey towards a happy and fulfilling life starts with becoming best friends with yourself. It starts within.

It is crucial to learn who you are first.

Who you are without any labels.

Who you are apart from other people’s expectations.

Who you are as your true unique and authentic self.

Let me tell you, it is not always easy to look at yourself in the mirror. It is not easy to look back on what brought you to feel the way you feel. But it is liberating, and it is worth it. It is a process of getting your power back and control over your own life while protecting your peace.

That’s what I do through my one-on-one Coaching. I help you to become a confident leader of your own life. I believe that amplifying your strengths would bring you much further on a success journey rather than focusing on fixing perceived weaknesses.

Confidence is the missing link between thought and action. Knowledge without action is worthless. To achieve your dreams, you must take thoughtful action.

WARNING: There is a trick to discovering your strengths and true desires. These aren’t the typical exercises you go through when preparing for an interview or when going through schooling. I am not prepping you for another “fake” achievement, I am helping you to find and own your authenticity and then make the right moves towards your goals.

Think you know yourself fully? Don’t think that you have more to uncover? I am challenging you to come speak with me and you’ll be surprised with what you’ll find.

Book a Session

What’s next? After discovering your authenticity and embracing self-acceptance, you are on the way towards your new self aka confident you. From there we build upon it

by TAKING ACTION towards your BIG dreams!

Here’s what some of my clients have to say:

“I consider myself pretty self-aware, but Dalveer coached me and guided me in directions I had no idea were barriers for me. She provided a safe space for me to gain more clarity in what was holding me back, helped me with the doubts I had and gave me both action steps and accountability that made a huge difference to my business. Thank you Dalveer” – Alice Rickard (Business Woman, mom, wife)

“Coaching with Dalveer helped me so so much. She is a passionate, responsible, and a really caring coach. Dalveer was able to help me by making me aware of what I needed to work on, through strategies, GREAT listening and by asking me the best questions. This helped me truly understand my “why” of things and what I wanted to achieve. When I first started, I was struggling with self-love. My negative beliefs didn't want to leave me. Thanks to her I was able to start first realizing and then began to let go of my FEARS and negative BELIEFS that I'm not enough. Thank you Dalveer for being there for me. And without any doubt you have been the coach I needed!” (Jorge Pliego – Actor)

If you want to figure your life out and see results, I can help.

I offer 1, 3, and 6 months of one-on-one coaching packages. I understand that coaching is unknown territory for you and it might be scary to commit so before you make any decisions, try it for yourself! I offer a 1-hour coaching session with me for free.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s start the transformation.

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I help achievers and empaths overcome fear within 90 days by using my proven framework, because they will M.A.S.T.E.R confidence to attain fulfilling relationships and lives.

Basically, I'm a trainer for your mind. I will liberate you from your road blocks and introduce you to your highest self. I will take you from good to GREAT.

What's your single biggest challenge right now?

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"I need help with goal setting, habit building and accountability. I need a plan."


"I am not able to make sense of my thoughts. I am overthinking and need clarity."


“I have trouble saying NO to others and find myself doing things that I don't truly want to.”


"I find myself in a cycle of toxic relationships and am struggling to build authentic and fulfilling relationships."


“I feel the need to be perfect at everything I do and am hard on myself when I fall short.”


"I am afraid to be authentic due to my internal fears."


"I feel insecure due to my traumas, recent experiences of failure or rjection, loneliness, social anxiety and negative beliefs."


  • Mastering Confidence and Self Worth

  • Building Meaningful and Fulfilling Relationships (Self, Romantic, Family, Friendships, Workplace, Spiritual)

  • Letting go of Toxic Relationships

  • Accelerated Career Growth (Salary & Promotions)

  • Feeling more at Peace

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

  • Ability to Set Boundaries & Stop People Pleasing

  • Living Authentically and in Alignment with Self

  • Reclaiming their Power & Finding their Voice

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"I consider myself pretty self aware, but Dalveer coached me and guided me in directions I had no idea were barriers for me. She provided a safe space for me to gain more clarity in what was holding me back, helped me with the doubts I had and gave me both action steps and accountability that made a huge difference to my business. Thank you Dalveer"

Alice Rickard

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